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The New Zealand Herpes Foundation

was founded in 1994 by an alliance of patients, health and medical professionals to provide accurate information, improved management, and support for people affected by herpes.

We aim to:

New Patient Information - Herpes... Myth vs Fact

Find out some of the key facts about Herpes

  • dispel the myths
  • increase public awareness by education campaigns
  • improve the medical management of people with herpes

If you would like a copy of the patient information pamphlets, please order our information pack, which is mailed in a plain envelope.

It Could Happen To Anyone: First Diasnosis of Genital HerpesNew '3 minute resource tool' for GP's and Health Professionals

Just diagnosed a patient with genital herpes?
Use this tool for information they need now.


Herpes Cure Fraud Exposed Parenting and Herpes


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