Health Professionals

The New Zealand Herpes Foundation liaises with health professionals, and provides them with an educational and support network to assist in the responsible management of genital herpes.

Health professionals can download:

  1. A copy of Genital Herpes - Summary of Guidelines
  2. A copy of The Medical guidelines as one document or
  3. Each chapter individually below:
     - What's New
     - Genital Herpes - Common Misconceptions
     - Genital Herpes - Key Points
     - Epidemiology and Transmission
     - Management of Clinical Episodes of Genital Herpes
     - Genital Herpes in Pregnancy
     - Neonatal HSV Infection
     - Genital HSV Infection in Childhood
     - Key Issues in Health Professionals' Counselling Management
     - Key Information for Health Professionals to Give Patients in
     - Members of the Professional Advisory Board
  4. A powerpoint presentation on the management of genital herpes for G.P / health professional education session.
  5. A copy of the Guideline for the Management of Genital HPV in New Zealand.
  6. A copy of Sexually Transmitted Infections - Summary of Guidelines

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