Sexually Transmitted Infections - Summary of Guidelines

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The booklet includes the following topics:

STIEF – Genital Herpes and HPV Management Guidelines - Summaries

(NZHF) Genital Herpes – Summary of Guidelines

Genital Herpes: Key Information to provide patients on diagnosis 

(NZ HPV Project) Genital, Anal and Throat HPV Infection – Key Information Summary

HPV: Key Information for Patients

NZSHS – STI Management Guidelines - Summaries

Principles of Sexual Health Care

Sexual Health Check
Partner Notification/Contact Tracing - Management Summary
Partner Notification/Contact Tracing - Patient Information

Management of Sexual Health Conditions

Chlamydia - Management Summary
Chlamydia - Patient Information
Gonorrhoea - Management Summary
Gonorrhoea - Patient Information
Epididymo-orchitis - Management Summary
Epididymo-orchitis - Patient Information
Genital Skin Lesions (Non-Ulcerative) - Management Summary
Genital Ulcer Disease (GUD) - Management Summary
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) - Management Summary
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) - Patient Information
Syphilis - Management Summary
Syphilis - Patient Information
Trichomoniasis - Management Summary
Trichomoniasis - Patient Information
Urethritis in Males - Management Summary
Urethritis in Males - Patient Information

Vaginal Discharge - Management Summary