Information Packs

For Aotearoa New Zealand Residents Only

Unfortuantely we are only able to provide information packs to people living in Aotearoa NZ. If you live in another country we hope the information provided on the website will be helpful.

One information pack will be sent per request submitted. Each pack will contain:

The Facts - A guide for people with Herpes Simplex. This booklet contains four sections covering:

  • Genital Herpes - The Facts
  • Herpes and Relationships
  • Herpes and Pregnancy
  • Facial Herpes

Herpes: Myths vs Facts

Information packs will be sent in plain envelopes. They can only be mailed to addresses within New Zealand.

Alternatively, you can download our guides now in PDF form below.


Free Download Resources on Genital Herpes

You can also download our guides in pdf form:

PDF-download.png  Genital Herpes - The Facts  (Our comprehensive guide includes FAQs, herpes and pregnancy, facial herpes, herpes and relationships and more.)
PDF-download.png  Genital Herpes – Myths Vs Facts
PDF-download.png  Summary of Genital Herpes Guidelines