Metro (NZ) Magazine Exposes Herpes Quackery

October 13, 2009, by Catherine Cook, Counsellor

I’ve been receiving emails internationally from people asking if there really has been a break-through in a cure being discovered for herpes. The answer is a resounding no. What’s happened is a journalistic break-through. In the October 2009 Metro, well-respected investigative journalist Donna Chisholm exposes the ways Ramesh Lala, a former doctor struck off the medical register, is now peddling a cure-all for herpes, arthritis and colitis.

The products have no scientific basis and their use is denounced by medical specialists in herpes, arthritis and colitis fields. The products are marketed through Resolve All. Dave Parrish is the company’s Los Angeles-based director.

I think it’s important that people, especially those feeling the vulnerabilities of having an ongoing health condition, realise that Lala is not the misunderstood benevolent lateral-thinker Parrish promotes him to be. 

Lala was struck off the NZ medical register and jailed for what the judge called the “callous fraud” of cancer patients. Chisholm notes that The Medical Council said Lala’s behaviour was at the gravest end of the disgraceful-conduct spectrum. The irony is that now that he is not practising as a doctor, he is free to peddle his potions without sanctions. Let the buyer beware.

Catherine Cook